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Pure CSS Progress

A nice pure CSS progress bar by Rafael González.


Building Creative Teams without Your Gut

The risk of any organization growing fast is that it grows incorrectly. This can mean failing to welcome and culturally assimilate new hires, which can degrade company culture. It can also mean hiring the wrong balance of people. In nature, good growth is called adolescence; bad growth is called cancer.

Design Thinking Comes of Age

There's a shift under way in large organizations, one that puts design much closer to the center of the enterprise. But the shift isn't about aesthetics. It's about applying the principles of design to the way people work.

UX design tips for your app

A gorgeous app with poor UX isn't a gorgeous app—it's an invitation to frustration. Your users deserve better than that.

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Quick Add To Cart

A handy snippet to let users customize a product directly from the products gallery, and add it to the cart.


Must watch: Alexander McQueen Fashion Film

Project Lee Alexander McQueen, 1969 – 2010! Nick Knight and his team at SHOWstudio have released a fashion film compiled from previously unused and unseen footage of the designer's most iconic creations.


Redesigning Chrome Android

"In this first part, I talk about the reasons of this redesign in sync with Material Design as well as Chrome interaction and visual philosophy. I then start scratching the technical surface to talk about new styling, color scheme and iconography."


The Psychology of Interaction Design

Designers must aim to narrow the gulfs of execution and evaluation to ensure users are able to fulfil their intentions and determine the state of the device or system in the shortest time possible.

30 Examples of Google's Material Design

Google's Material Design has taken the design world by storm over the past year or so with more and more apps keeping to the specific guidelines set out by the design language.

Dorm Room Tycoon

The podcast show that interviews the world's most influential innovators.

Ephemeral Undo

Undo on mobile devices has always been problematic. Shake to undo never really worked well, and most mobile apps don't have a permanent menu bar where they can stick an undo icon.

How to Get Personal Data from Users on Forms Easier

Getting users to complete your form is a challenge when asking for personal data. Most users will hesitate to give that out because they're afraid of getting spammed or hacked. But if you ask for it the right way, users are more than willing to give it to you.

Morphing Fractal Orbs Spin and Shine in 'BIOSPHERE'

Globes encrusted with streaks and specks of light orbit throughout the fractalizing five minutes of Tatyana Zabanova's BIOSPHERE. Synced to an original track by composer Matías Schwartz, Zabanova's forms distort into a gorgeous reel of visualizations.


Incredible Light Calligraphy by Juilien Breton

These images at first glance look like they've been created on Photoshop, however this is not the case. Talented artist Julien Breton uses photographic light paint in order to transform normal photographic scenes into canvases for his unique works of art.


Advanced CSS filters

Very nice CSS filters. Great for any project.


Here's how you can generate a 3D hologram with your smartphone

British YouTuber and independent tech reviewer Mrwhosetheboss has uploaded an instructional video on how to turn any old smartphone into a 3D hologram projector – using nothing more complicated than a sharp knife, a ruler, a pen and paper, an old CD case and four squares of sticky tape.


Textual Healing: An Illuminated Look at Tomorrow's Typography

As an art form, typography has a history that dates back millennia. But what of its future? That's the question design and art studio FIELD, in collaboration with typeface library, Monotype, tackle with their recent project, Type Reinvented.


5 Smart Rules for Designing Wearables That Make Sense

Think back to around 2007 and try really hard to recall something that you've probably long forgotten: What was it like the first time you used a touchscreen phone? You don't remember? Me neither. But that's OK! In fact, that's the mark of successful design.



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Provocation Can Lead to Emotional Design

In order to tap into emotion when designing experiences, you need to travel outside of your own comfort zone—enter, the provocateur.

Color Hunt

Beautiful colors, every day.

Video: Seed

Seed is a free project that we did to try out ideas and techniques. And to have an excuse for commiting to the craziest of all entries on the brainstorming flip chart.

UI Movement

A Curated Site For Beautiful User Interface Designs.

Inspirational Examples of UI Design


A private space to share and discuss design work with your team.

30 Inspiring Animated Hand Lettering GIFs

Video: Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version)

The responsive man

Go ahead & reszise your browser window :)

Beautiful Lettering by Havi Cruz

City Street Android MockUp PSD

Font: Rissa

Video: Submergence, Oslo

Font: Skipper

Inspiration: Inboard - Longboard App Controller

30 Minimal Website Designs


Screenings - Watch. Learn. Design.

Stop Gratuitous UI Animation

This mini essay will explore the over use of animation in UI design, show comparisons with early visual design and offer some suggestions for effective GUI motion design.

Android Experiments

Pure CSS Apple Devices

Font: Break

Font: Troupe

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