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Designing with Emotion Means Being Brave

Forging real emotional connections with users takes the guts to protect the soul of your design, to be bold and vulnerable, and look through the customer lens.


It's 5 More Awesome UX Practices that Will Help Your Project Deliver Great UX

Some great UX tips and tricks to get your project's UX practices on key!

Persuasive UX Techniques that You Might Not Have Heard Of

Meet Google's "Eddystone"—a flexible, open source iBeacon fighter

Google's cross-platform standard combines the best of iBeacon and The Physical Web.

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How mobile UX design is changing desktop design

Ever since smartphones really began to be smart, and as mobile internet speeds became faster, mobile web design started to take off. Now, 7 years later, mobile web and app design is an ever-important field of design, with many complex and conflicting philosophies, such as the issue of graceful degradation vs progressive enhancement.


Build pixel perfect apps in peace

"Zeplin is the ultimate collaboration tool between designers and developers. It cuts meetings in half and ensures that designs are implemented perfectly, however complex."


Empathic Design: Is Empathy the UX Holy Grail?

The detachment between designers and users during the majority of projects is potentially damaging to user experience. The ability to empathise with users is an essential part of a UX designers make-up.


Folk theories and the problem with ambiguity in design

Have you ever used a product and been unsure whether you were taking the right approach for an action? There are many different misconceptions in human-computer and human-device interaction.

How many times have your design projects led to this:

No one else cares about design! - How do I know if it's good?

Animated Page Transition

An ajax powered page transition, with a slide-in content animation triggered by a side tabbed navigation.

"Web Design Is Dead." No, It Isn't.

Every now and then we see discussions proclaiming a profound change in the way we design and build websites. Be it progressive enhancement, the role of CSS or, most recently, web design itself being dead. All these articles raise valid points, but I'd argue that they often lack objectivity and balance, preferring one side of the argument over another one.

Google Maps now lets you retrace all of your past steps

If you own a mobile device, and have opted into location tracking in one or more of Google's many services, such as Google Photos or Google Now, the company is keeping a record of your past movements.

Leaves Motion Test

A super cool smooth effect.


Material Design Light

Material Design Lite lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your websites. It doesn't rely on any JavaScript frameworks and aims to optimize for cross-device use, gracefully degrade in older browsers, and offer an experience that is immediately accessible. Get started now.


Anaglyph 3D with CSS-blend on mouseMove

Move your mouse far away and close to the image.


Dropdowns Should be the UI of Last Resort

All too often mobile forms make use of dropdown menus for input when simpler or more appropriate controls would work better. Here's several alternatives to dropdowns to consider in your designs and why.


Tenue CSS Text Effect

The effect creates a very elegant and stunning result with a mix of shadows and light. You can use your own text with ease and edit the effect to make it your own.



A free guide to learn HTML and CSS.



With this helpful little tool you can edits SVGs in your browser. Made by Brent Jackson.


CSS-only Unfolding Boxes by Bali Balo

Colorful Text Animation by Hendry Sadrak

Incredible Wall Murals by James Bullough

Imaginative Animated Paintings by George Redhawk

The Greasy Glamor of Junkfood and Nail Art

Free Icon Packs by First-Class Designers.

Physics - Point and spring simulation

Font: Baker Street

Font: Bleakerst

Pixar's 22 rules of storytelling adapted for UX — because both are about creating great experiences.

Motion and Meaning - A podcast about motion for digital designers brought to you by Val Head and Cennydd Bowles.

Cutting-Edge CSS Features You Can Use Today

Video: Windows 10 Hero Desktop Image | Behind the Scenes

A Crash Course in UX Design Research

SVG Filters

Dynamics.js - JavaScript library to create physics-based animations

How to make Mondays better

Medusa Gets a New Face, Thanks to Projection Mapping

Video: Andy Budd - The UX of User Experience (UX Munich 2015)


Font: Giza Pro

Weekly: Your money week by week

Mindshare Unveils Biometric Data of Cannes Attendees Outfitted With Apple Watches for 3 Days

Why empty states deserve more design time

These creative cut-outs perfectly blend elegant fashion and striking backgrounds

Google Made a Chatbot That Debates the Meaning of Life

Build Beautiful Interactive and Animated Prototypes in Seconds

Video: Le Petit Chef

5 Useful Tools for Interaction Designers

Julien Mauve Sends Greetings From Mars With Tourist-style Photos

Video: Leap Motion's Augmented-Reality Computing Looks Stupid Cool

Pixelmeasure - the ultimate Photoshop macro

Google's DeepStereo makes Street View 'tourism' more realistic

Font: MounTiane

Designing For (and With) Color Blindness

The Solar System Generates This Music Box's Rhythms

Material Design Elevation

Image Blur Plugin

Font: Cosmonaut

Font: Beyno

pattern lab - create atomic design systems

6 Gorgeous Free Fonts

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