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Why "mobile first" may already be outdated

What matters is screens, not devices. Mobile app driven companies are now building complimentary web apps.


7 Ways to Get People to Share Your Snapchat Messages, Even Ads

How to prompt users to spread the word.

How to develop for Microsoft's HoloLens

FITC Amsterdam 2013

A great offline and online project which is definitely worth a look! Watch the video!


Hypnotize Your Eyes with Wooden Zoetrope Sculptures

A garden of 3D zoetropes grows in the autumnal scenescape of artist Benjamin Ducroz's latest video, Spinning Daggers.


Image tilt effect

A nice way to make hover effects on images more interesting.


Fitting After Effects Into A UX Workflow

We all aim to be as agile as possible in today's fast-paced web design world, while also remaining thoughtful of the end user and those we work with.


50 Most Amazingly Talented Graphic Designers To Follow On Instagram

In its early days, Instagram used to be all about filtered pictures of your lunch and your pets, but since then it has grown into an immeasurably useful creative tool.

Carefully crafted UI Design assets

To enhance your design workflow and make you look wiked sweet!


A great tool to create styleguides.

UBER brand guidelines

A great example of an online styleguide.

Google Trends

A great tool to show worldwide information in real time.

Mobile navigation concept

A nice mobile navigation concept, but I would prefer it on the right side of the screen.


Why the Floating Action Button is bad UX design

A critical look at Googles Material Design.


The Subtraction.com Design Tools Survey

TL;DR: "Today I'm launching a survey of the tools that digital designers are using in their work. It will run for a week and the results will be made public."


The State of SVG Animation

The world of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is fascinating, and with everything you can do with it and all the options you have it is overwhelming.


27 Hot CSS & Vector Icon Resources

What's the longest time you spent looking for the right icon? Thanks to some amazing developments in the icon design world in the last couple of years, the days of the marathon icon searched are over.


Google's New 'Project Soli' Looks Unbelievably Futuristic

Welcome to the future. Google have released a new video detailing 'Project Soli', a interaction sensor that uses radar technology.



A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives.


Tips for Better UX for Non-UX Professionals


Perspective scrolling in CSS


Kids Can Take Field Trips to the Most Amazing Places With Google Expeditions


Color The Web - Color Tools For Designers


Web-based interface design tool

Earlier this year we wrote about Atomic, a startup that's building a browser-based tool for designing high quality, interactive prototypes of apps and websites.



A great tool to create polygon images.


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